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The INFJ User Guide is all about INFJs. It’s all the things I have spent years Googling and thinking through to figure out my personality. It’s every epiphany from “I’m an INFJ? Yes!!” to “This is how to handle communication problems.” And everything in between.

It’s a must read for every INFJ.

The book will be released April 6, 2020. You can pre-order it for a limited time for a discounted price of $9.95 for the e-book and $19.95 for the paperback edition (free shipping)!

I am so excited to share this information with you and give you all of these tools to help you in your journey.

Thank you for believing in me!!! 

xoxo Sarah

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As a thank you to anyone who pre-orders my book I’m offering a few bonuses! They include:

  • How to Find Your Purpose Masterclass
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  • A free e-book called What To Do When Your INFJ…
  • Much more to come!



Paperback Book


Excerpt from Chapter 3: What To Do When…

You disappoint someone you love

We have all been here. Even though we try really hard to never disappoint the people we love, it happens. You feel devastated and hurt because they don’t understand. You want to do what they want you to do, but you know that you can’t. You have to go your own way. You feel like you aren’t good enough though, like you don’t meet their standards and therefore you are not worthy of love.

Remember that despite these feelings you are still worthy of love. You are still good enough. You can make mistakes and still be wonderful and amazing. You can make choices that are different from those that your parents or your friends would make and still be lovable.

Everyone has disappointed someone that they care about. Everyone does things that not everyone in their life agrees with and that’s ok. Everyone lets people down and makes mistakes. That doesn’t make you broken or wrong. It makes you human.

I know that you want to be perfect and do everything right the first time. Please remember to be gentle with yourself when you miss that mark. Remember that it’s a tough goal to set and you’re doing a great job whether it feels like it right now or not.



Paperback Book


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