ME!: A Roadmap to Understanding Your INFJ Personality in 30 Days


A step-by-step guide for understanding yourself!


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You were made this way on purpose.
However, being so different from everyone else can be challenging. No one knows how to relate to you or understand you. It's hard to make heads or tails of the way you feel.

This series will help you figure it out! It's designed by me, an INFJ just like you!


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  • The INFJ User Guide Ebook
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  • Bonus: How to Know for Sure if You're an INFJ Workshop
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"Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had this course come into my life when I did. I have struggled my whole life with lack of confidence and lack of self-love. This course has helped me understand and accept who I really am, and has been a vital guide in giving me the courage to make some MUCH needed changes in my life. It has helped me navigate the ending of a series of toxic relationships and set me on the right path to learning how to know and love my true self."
- Lauren -

This 30-Day Roadmap is designed to guide you to happiness through a better understanding of your personality


  • Quickly determine why you are the way that you are without struggling through overthinking and frustration.
  • Actually feel excited and happy (instead of overwhelmed) about the thought of finally starting to live with meaning and have the tools you need to succeed.
  • Have a concrete plan of action for what steps to take in what order and for taking control of your limited time.
  • Feel completely confident about your direction in life and know what steps you need to take to get there.

"I feel empowered to take the next step in my journey! I learned so much about myself during this course. I came into this course unaware of my purpose and now I have clarity and a plan for the future. I loved how this course was self-paced so I could take my time with each module."
- Kelly -

Hey There, I'm Sarah!

Helping INFJs figure out what they're doing in this world is my jam.

You see, I’ve been on a path to understanding most of my life. It all started when I was in school. I wasn’t interested in the path that most people took. I wanted to do my own thing, to ask the hard questions and go looking for answers where most people would just accept what they were told.

My darkest hour came in 2014 when I was working my dream job but was terribly unhappy. I was diagnosed with depression, a general anxiety disorder, and a binge eating disorder. It was understanding myself that saved me during this tumultuous time in my life.

I dove into every resource I could find that could help me understand the way that I was and what was going on in my life. I dove into understanding my personality and discovered self-love in the process. In 2018 I started sharing these principles through my blog, social media and podcast.

These days, my passion is to help INFJs find what they were made to do, what their purpose is and how to put it to work in their lives. You can find out more about me and my other resources for INFJs at

"I'm really glad that I was a part of this workshop, where I could learn a lot more about myself! I'd also like to say that the session was absolutely perfect, you explained everything so nicely! I hope that I can be a part of more such sessions." 
- Suvidya -

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