How to Conquer Anxiety By Organizing Your Life

How to Conquer Anxiety By Organizing Your Life

5 Ways to organize your space

INFJs are notoriously anxious. We're great at seeing things that can be improved and also seeing how things can work out. Most of the time this is a great asset, but it can also be a hindrance. We are great at thinking, but not so great at details in our life like doing the dishes and organizing our spaces. Organizing the space you live in can relieve a large portion of that stress.

I've been feeling stressed recently. All of the normal things that I do haven't seemed to help. So I started looking for new things, things that I've been neglecting that could help. I looked around my apartment and realized that it was way messier than usual. Once I made some changes, I felt so much better!

If you need some more organization in your life, I've got you! Learn 5 ways to organize your space that will help relieve a large part of this anxiety and lift your energy.

1. Keep your kitchen table clean

I had this table in my kitchen that was supposed to be for eating but seemed to be more of a junk collection station. Every time I looked at it I felt like I should clean it up, but I knew that I had nowhere to put anything. So I tried to ignore it, while trying to push the anxiety I felt down more and more.

Eventually, I just couldn't take it anymore. So I went down to one of my favorite stores and got a new shelf. They also had some large bins and some smaller ones too. I had no idea how many I needed so I just grabbed a few. It worked out really nicely.

The pic to the right is of my new shelf. I now have a place for my extra toilet paper and paper towels, plastic dishes & towels (in the blue drawers), and miscellaneous things that never had a place before on the top shelves. Those smaller bins really came in handy!

Check out this shelf to get your kitchen organized.

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2. Organize your drawers

Drawers have never been important to me. I love that you can throw whatever in them and then close them up, so you don't have to see the mess.

The thing is, the mess is still there. And you still see it every time you open the drawer. It's still a problem that contributes to your bigger stress even though it's a small thing.

Something as simple as a drawer organizer can make all the difference in the world. $8 can be a game-changer!

Check out this drawer organizer.

This pic is my desk drawer, another area of my life that was a catch-all for a long time. It's all of the things that don't have a place, but I'm sure that I need to keep... just in case.

So, I got some drawer organizers and now the space is so much more under control. It's still a mess, but now it's an organized mess.

Check out this drawer organizer.

3. Find a place for all the books

I love books. I have so many of them that they end up everywhere. Even though I have several bookshelves in the living room and my bedroom, there's never enough space.

I found this bookshelf organizer, that's probably meant for a desk, but I have 2 monitors on my desk and zero space. So it ended up on top of one of my bookshelves and helps so much!

Check out this extra book organizer.

4. Speaking of books...

I have a few of these cube organizers. I love them for several reasons. I love that they are 13 inches tall, so my 12 x 12 scrapbooks will fit in them. I also love that they are flexible, so you can use them as bookshelves or add drawers if that works better for you.

I also love that you can mix and match the sizes. I have a couple of different sizes to make sure that I have enough space for what I need.

Check out this bookshelf.

5. Keeping track of the past

I'm one of those people who keeps everything: dinner receipts, place tickets, notes, flyers, everything. I love to keep things that most people throw away because they are so amazing to look at years later.

But the thing is, these things pile up and get out of control very quickly. So, in order to keep them organized, I put them in scrapbooks. I have a book for every year going back to my childhood.

Most of my scrapbooks are 12 x 12. I love the ones that come from Project Life the most.

This is my favorite scrapbook here.

Anxiety can be a lot to try to control. In the past, I never would have thought that something so simple as doing the dishes before I go to bed or organizing my books on a shelf would make a difference, but I know now that these little things do make a big difference. When you take control of your space, you take control of your life.

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